K. Tha Producer
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K. Tha Producer is more than just another aspiring hip-hop producer. K. Tha Producer is a visionary, an artist with a clear idea of what it takes to achieve success in today's music industry. K. released her debut beat tape The Therapist on March 27, 2015. The Therapist was an instant success gaining over 12,000 streams and over 8,500 downloads in just two weeks on GotInstrumentals.com. The Therapist, which featured both street hip-hop beats as well as dance/house music, is proof that K. has the ability to move creatively from one genre to the next with little effort. Since making her production debut in 2011, K. Tha Producer has caught the attention of numerous online magazines such as NeuFutur Magazine, Hype Magazine, Hood Critic Magazine, and Niji Magazine. When K. sat down with NeuFutur Magazine in 2015 to talk about The Therapist, she explained why she chose The Therapist as the title for her beat tape. “Many of the artists and music fans I talk to say music has helped them overcome obstacles, stress, and pain, “K. Tha Producer said.“ For them music is a form of therapy. As an artist/producer, I want to create music that is catchy, fun, inspiring, and carefree. If music is therapy, then I must be a therapist." After the successful release of The Therapist, K. Tha Producer began to work with various independent artists. K. Tha Producer began working with artist Johnny Drama after he heard K.’s instrumental, “Thanks for the Love,” which appeared on the instrumental mixtape, Got Instrumentals 65. Johnny Drama used the instrumental for his song “Whole City” which went on to receive over 60,000 streams on Soundcloud. Johnny Drama also recruited K. Tha Producer to produce the intro to his mixtape, “Something Different” in November 2015. Earlier that same year, K. Tha Producer produced the intro to Arkansas rapper DatBoiJug’s mixtape titled, “Ovalooked.” K. Tha Producer released her sophomore instrumental project, Monsters in the Park, a four track EP featuring hip-hop instrumentals solely produced and mixed by K. Tha Producer, The EP was released on February 26, 2016, and received over 20,000 streams and 9,000 downloads on Gotinstrumentals.com. In April 2017, K. Tha Producer took her production talents to Hip-Hop Society, an independent hip-hop organization that hosts rap contests and cyphers for up and coming rap artists worldwide. K. Tha Producer recently produced the HHS Cypher 15 for Hip-Hop Society. The cypher attracted major attention on Facebook and Youtube with over 27,000 views, over 400 shares, and over 2,000 views on YouTube. K. Tha Producer began her career in music in 2011 as one half of the production duo Splitting Image Productions. Alongside her younger sister and production partner, Hood Angel, the two produced two albums for their singer-songwriter sister Leshai. Splitting Image's production caught on quickly creating a buzz in their hometown of Peoria,Illinois. In 2012, Splitting Image earned their first magazine interview in Industry All Access Magazine and quickly followed up with an interview in Hype Magazine that same year. Now working alone, K. Tha Producer is working to hone her craft and grow as a producer. K. Tha Producer has already built connections with artists not only in her hometown, but also in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Boston. and Arkansas, Canada, and India. With two successful releases and production work with numerous independent artists, K. Tha Producer is well on her way to achieving success. `
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