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A young producer coming out of edgewater Nj. Born In Bayamon Puerto Rico Raised In WilliumsBurg Brooklyn. Growing up was real ruff for me due to the fact i was born with a failed cornea. im blind out of one eye. So music was the only option for me growing up cause i wasnt allowed to play orginize sports or be involved in activites. So i fell in love with Music since Age 12 & i havent stoped since.
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Dark Times Produced By GpBeatBangerz 3:57 Buy $ 40.00
Party On This Side Prod By GpBBeatBangerz 4:40 Buy $ 50.00
Pain Music Prod By GpBeatBangerz 1:15 Buy $ 40.00
Fury Ft No Lacken - Traphouse ( Prod By GpBeatBangerz ) 4:38 N/A Download
Jazzy Rose ft Perique Loud - Money Dance Produced By GpBeatBangerz 3:46 N/A Download
Bars No Hooks Ft Fury , Anthrax , HitchCock , MoneyFace Prod By GpBeatBangerz 4:24 N/A Download
Fury - Summer Jam Prod By GpBeatBangerz ( Mix & Mastered By LilzHp ) 2:38 N/A Download
CitoOnTheBeat - Out The Mud Ft Noah Ashton, Prod By GpBeatBangerz 2:47 N/A Download